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Lethbridge & Southern Alberta

Solar Module
cleaning services

Commercial or residential call 403 715 3310 and we'll get them clean & your power up :)

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screen repair services (same day onsite)

Got a damaged screen? No Problem. We'll repair any size with same day service.

Solar Modular cleaning

People know Perfect Clean Windows are Unrivaled in Southern Alberta that's why we book up so fast!

window cleaning

We have cleaning techniques for your style of house!

acreage window cleaning

Choose from once-a-year cleaning, twice a year or quarterly maintenance.

EAVES/gutter     cleaning

We remove all debris then pressure flush, check for leaks & flow. After cleaning You'll have peace of mind.

Clean business frontages are attractive to clients & with years of experience, we at Perfect Clean Windows.com know how important your image is! Allow us at Perfect Clean Windows.com to assist your business with a maintenance  schedule that will keep you looking great for the customers all year round! We give your business that Perfect Clean look which impresses your clients and promotes your image!


Perfect Clean Windows

window cleaning

Clean business frontages are attractive to clients & add sparkle to your image.